Best software to bring best results from film scanner

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What is the best software to use with film scanner (Canon FS4000US) that
will get the most detail, least noise and cope best with under and over
exposed films
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.scanner (More info?)

    I use both Vuescan and the Canon software.
    In my experience Vuescan is far superior for transparencies but has been
    less than satisfactory with negative materials than the Canon software. The
    adjustment parameters are limited in the Canon software and generally are
    best left at default settings except for problematic images.
    For particularly problematic images often the best solution is to create
    scans with different exposure parameters and combine the best parts in
    For underexposures you have to experiment with whether it is best to try to
    bring up details using the scanner software or post scan in Photoshop, or
    some combination.
    If the image is severely overexposed and there is no detail in the original
    you are SOL, particularly with transparencies, as you are likely aware.
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