PLEASE HELP Wiresless Router and Repeater

I have been asked to install a new encrypted wireless network at work, not a problem i hear you say!

I haven't installed a new network for a while and my problem is that the walls are very thick and the coverage needs to be over a large distance approx 75 m. walls are supporting and concrete I think.

I've come across repeating before but don't know if it's worth it or if there is another way of bouncing the signal.

Could someone please advise on the best router / repeater combo. Also the network has to manage both Macs and PCs is this a problem.

Cheers Guys
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  1. I would try the following Netgear product click me !

    I have used Netgear for a long time and am very happy.

    If you find the range is not sufficient then you can always add a repeater but try it without first.

    The above will work on for MACs as long as they have a wireless card :wink:

    Good Luck !
  2. I think you would be better off installing multiple AP through the areas. This will give you greater flexability. Can be used with your existing hardware/switchs. All will have problem with the concrete walls. You may need to set several up to provide good coverage. I have and use USR5450 AP, 11g. These are very good in range. Mine on low power will connect @125mbps after going through 4 walls and 55'. They come with High Gain antennas, a big plus. Most of the problem will be with the internal mini cards on LT. Most are junk. My internal has problems going through 2 wall with my AP on high. I use USR5410 PCMCI card, with internal off. I use mac and pc with mine, no problem. Some of the older macs had a restriction with the key length. The underlying problem would be bandwidth. The newer powerbooks play well with the USR AP.

    This article will give you an idea of how different hw mfg plays with each others. And the reason I went with USR.
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