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I have a X1900 XT, and one of the cables that comes with it plugs into its s-sideo ish port and has 2 svideo lines and 2 composite lines, one of each type seems to indicate that it is for input, but i dont know how to use it.
is there any way i can use those lines for video input?
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  1. I researched online, and apparently there should be a rage theatre 200 chip on the card, but i cant find anybody explaining how to get the video input from it, just people who already have, or reviews mentioning that it is possible
  2. it comes with a dongle that has svideo in, svideo out, comp in, and comp out, and it is supposedly able to use it because of a rage theatre 200 chip
  3. Anyone?
  4. I have a feeling you're talking to nVidia guys! OK, the Rage Theater 200 handles input, yep!

    You can access the input using several programs:
    1.) ATI MultiMedia Center (ATI MMC) will give you an "Input" program. It's the same as the TV program, but without tuner support since your card has no tuner. You can download this from ATI.
    2.) Windows Movie Maker: This is included with Windows XP under Start>All Programs. Is not really set up for watching video "live" as it's a recording interface.
    3.) Third-Party programs. You might try some freeware, I certainly wouldn't buy anything.
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