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Ok im going 2 overclock my 6300 c2d and im trying to decide what type of cooler to go with. Im leaning towards the hsf option but i want 2 keep an open mind about a water cooling system. I would like your guys opinion on what I should go with hsf or water cooling. Can you also give me some idea how hard a water cooling system is 2 set up. Im trying to get atleast 2.5

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  1. For 2.5 ghz I suggest simple air cooling, shouldn't be a problem! Heck you might be able to do it on the stock cooler!

    So which one is it decisions or decesions?
  2. Stock wont be a problem for 2.5Ghz, use the money you had for expensive cooling on a E6400 and a $30 HSF if you overclocking expectations are low.
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