Ok I have quite a problem here....
So Im running windows Xp and i have yahoo sbc dsl isp, so for awhile i had been just using the modem for my ps2 online gaming and my pc and i had to manually switch them back and forth, My parents got sick of me always using the modem so we bought a Linksys router, its not a wireless though, so i connect it and follow the setup software and when it gets to end of process to check and make sure the router works it pops up saying that it could not connect so i hit exit and my internet works fine for about a day or so then it disconnects. I dont have any idea of what to do SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. You could be dropped from 2 areas.
    On the WAN side, ISP generally drop users after a period of time, leased time. Nothing you can do for that one, it should auto reconnect.

    Connect to the admin pages through your browser. Enter PW, You did add a password, didn't you. Once you have done the initial setup no need to use the utility any more.

    On the LAN side there is a setting for adjusting how long to keep the connection. This time can be adjusted from 30 min to unlimited. Increase to max. Also set your logging to only log errors, default is all activity. Verify the firewall is active. Respond to ping OFF.

    If you are having a connection problem, clone your MAC address into the router from the computer used to setup the DSL connection originally.
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