Tweaking WEI

Based on this thread, is there any way to tweak WEI (documented, undocumented) so that it can focus on specific components. Like, for say, the non-boot drives of a system.
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  1. WEI isn't a very good measure of performance in any of those categories.

    For instance, My Raptors score a 5.3 hard drive yet many 7200 RPM hard drives score 5.9. And the rest of my components in that systems all score exactly 5.9.

    The problem is that with Vista the scores are locked at 5.9 and under and 7.9 and under for Win 7. I myself and running Win 7 yet somehow all (accept HDD which should have the highest score of my components) are scoring at Vista peak.
  2. Just I find the whole 'peak' thing very annoying. The perf. ratings aren't a true indication of performance, so have so many factors to consider.
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