ECS P4M800PRO-M478 any good?

I know there are issues with the p4m800pro-M, but what about the -m478? I searched on these forums for my model to no avail. the only negative reviews i found via google for this board on newegg and tigerdirect (.ca and .com) are that the boards arrived from them Dead On Arrival.

Here's a more specific question, does the -m478 have the same problems of the -M?

I didn't have much of a choice about this board, it was get this ordered in or not have a computer anytime sooner than a month or more (save $$$ to upgrade to dual core and PCIe stuff way sooner than desired), my old motherboard (Jetway 875PMAX) shorted out when it was transfered to a new case with the rest of the components.
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  1. .... the sig with my system components didnt attatch to the first message...
  2. does ANYONE have this board and lurks these forumz?
  3. I thought I had a DOA untill I swapped CPU's - this board does not support older pentium 4's (1.6 GHz for example), works flawlessly with a 3 GHz pentium 4 though, and is a reasonable way of upgrading a socket 478 motherboard to ddr2 memory.
  4. These boards are excellent. Ourselves at Kitamura are authorized resellers of Elitegroup products, including their Ei-Systems machines, and motherboards. We used the P4M800PRO-M478 in about 13 machines we built, using DDR2 RAM, and Maxtor SATA hard drives in Raid-0 Mirroring mode, so the customer never lost data, and i have to say, not one of them has been involved in a warranty claim, and as far as i'm aware, the systems are still in heavy use. We did have a few baords from the supplier that were DOA and would not POST, but it was found to have been impact damage, the courier was careless.

    I still use one in our server to this day....and heartily reccommend them...if you get the chance, grab one, they make great gaming machines coupled with a Radeon 9800XT 256MB 8x AGP card. They're perfect for server use too, with the SATA RAID.
  5. Hey, its me, didn't even know anyone had replied to the original post...

    fixed up my profile and can get notifications now...

    my tower has been rock solid (albeit very dusty) for almost 4 years now with this board running things.

    I did not know it could handle DDR2 ram... that might be worth looking into...
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