New problem with ASUS P5W DH

Hi again and thanks for all the help with my other motherboard but now I am having problem on my new build. I cant get the usb ports to work.

what Ive tried so far:
when I started installing windows the usb keyboard just dies in windows setup but it works fine in bios. so after i switched to a ps/2 keyboard and finished installing windows (XPSP2) it still wont work with any usb device. I have tried alot of different usb things and all the ports. windows claims that the usb ports and drivers are working perfectly so now I don' know what to do... anyone had this problem or any suggesion on what I could try?
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  1. alright a new update.... asus tech support doesn't know what it is... so now Im on my own.
  2. on the P5W there are the ports up in the I/O panel and ports attached to a strip in a pci slot, does this happen on both sets? Like the above poster said, I'd check to make sure you installed the drivers for the mobo from the cd or asus's website.
  3. yes it happens on all usb ports. and I cant install the drivers from the asus disk since I have Service Pack 2 and the USB 2.0 drivers are already in SP2.I appreciate the help though...
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