6300 and Stock HSF

So I think I put it on alright but I only heard 1 of the pegs click, and I am pressing WAY too hard on the others to get them to click so I think I am going to leave it the way it is. The Heat tranfer paste, I odnt have to do anything about it right? I just boot it up after the HSF is on correct? Also I have a copy of Windows XP that I had on an Old computer that isnt hooked up any more can I use that same Windows XP on my new computer? Is that legal or whats the deal with that?
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  1. If you are trying to attatch the hsf, while the mobo is in the case, that's your problem.
    It is legal to use Windows on a second system, after the first has been de-commisioned. If you are using home ed., you have to get a new code from Bill.
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