4 Questions about my MOBO, and it's headers.

Hey, just got my MOBO and have just hooked up everything to it, cd, fdd, hdd, pw-switch, such. There are a couple problems I have encountered though. My mobo is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813128321

1) The headers in the bottom right corner (The ones for the PW-switch, leds, etc.) were all fine except for my power led pin wire. The power led cord from my case needs three pins, but the mobo has only 2 specified for it. So what do I do with that? Do I leave the third one off the header? (By the way, Gigabyte says the 2 are the yellow ones, or the top-left on the header.)

2) Would the mobo run if I put screws in all the slots, to connect it to the mobo tray, except for one? I had slots for all the holes except for the right-center hole. Will that do anything like short it out or something? Also, the mobo shouldn't touch any metal except for the punch-holes? My mobo touches the tray at the right-center, right next to the far punch hole if I push down a little bit. I have insulators in the two punch outs that I cannot use, if that helps any.

3) When can I actually see if it runs or not?-Get into BOIS? How will I change the voltage for the ram to 1.9v if the stock is 1.8v and the ram I want is 1.9v? Will I have to buy a cheap 1.8v dimm to change it in BOIS? I have everything except RAM, GPU, and OS.

4) I put in my AM2 cpu, and when I pulled the lever down, it was pretty tough by the way, it made a click or snap sound about half-way down. I was wondering if that was normal or did I break something? I did TRIPLE check to make sure the CPU was in the right direction with the arrow.

Thanks guys. This is my first build.
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  1. 1) trial and error. its not going to hurt anything.

    2) my old setup was missing a screw and it was fine. As long as the mobo isn't touching anything it should be fine

    3)you need ram and a gpu to see if it will boot up. you can get into the bios and make sure it will at least go that far. obviously, you need a os to boot into it. just buy the ram that you want, and try it out. If it doesn't boot because of the voltage problem, which i think is fixed for most boards by the way, just go to best buy, but a stick of 1.8v, get it working, change the voltage, then return the stick of ram. lol. or keep it. whatever.

    4) most cpus take some pressure to clamp them down. i don't know anything about snapping sounds though. try it out. if it works it works.
  2. Could I use that foam stuff that came with the mobo to make sure that the mobo does not touch anything under it? The tray I have is a little flimsy, and I am afraid that something might happen.

    Also, could i use rubber bands to straighten out my wires and cables to give it better cooling? Ex. the case fans, and power cables. If not rubber bands, what then?
  3. For the 2 pin power led, simply force one of the wires out and reinsert one position over so both are side by side. I use a paper clip.
  4. So i use a needle-nose plier to get it out and re-insert it into the appropriate slot, next to the other one? Whats the paper clip for, to insert it all the way?
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