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I am not sure people have asked this question before, but i have this question in mind for so long. I remember in windows 2k (and probably in windows 98), there's a feature that you can lock a folder or file with password when you want to share a specific folder or file within a workgroup/LAN, so that only people who have the password can access to the protected folder or file.

As workgroup users are growing in my company, disk/file sharing becomes a very handy issue, because some of the users are not allowed to access some highly confidential files.

I know that in client-server environment, the network administrator can control the file sharing easily; however, if i am not mistaken (please correct me if i were wrong), in LAN environment, either Windows XP Pro or Home does not have the password protection feature in file sharing. Or, anyone of you know how, in XP's environment, to set password to a specific folder in the shared drive, please teach me how to do so.

I really appreciate your help.

** If the information is not enough, i will draw a graphic to help describing the problem i am facing.
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  1. XP Home and Pro both have access control (passwords) for file sharing.

    If you do a right click on the folder, there is an option for setting sharing and security. Just add a password. You may need to activate file and printer sharing, for access over network.
  2. Please see this post:

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  3. Refering to your response at verizon's post:

    One solution would be to create local users with the same username and passwords as the users you want to have access, then add these users on the share permission. These users should be able to access the share and others will get an access denied message.

    you were talking about local computer (creating users at local computer), am i right? i know how to create users in local computer and grant permission to the users. What i ask is Network environment. Do you know how to do it in network or workgroup environment?

    thanks in advance. looking forward to your reply.
  4. I believe it is the same as with local users..
    When your connected to a domain and share a folder you can set restrictions as mentioned above, only you can also select domain users.

    You can also create an organizational unit and give a group of users acces to a network share or any other network resources.

    You can create organizational units in your Active Directory under 'Users and Computers'.
  5. but i am not in client-server environment. is there any other options i can use?
  6. Try creating a local user on two PCs with exactly the same name and password. You should be able to log onto PC1 and then connect to PC2 if PC2 has been permissioned correctly.
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