CRC and I/O-errors, corrupted downloads!

I have recently bought a new system, which is working fine aside from one thing. Every time I download a large file from the internet, I get a message saying that it is corrupted, or has a CRC or I/O-error.
What could be the component that's the cause of this?
I have tried using the same internet connection with another computer, and then it works perfectly, besides, I used my old computer without problems, so I'm thinking it must be this computer.

I have run extensive ram tests, without getting any errors, so I'm thinking it is the harddrive or the motherboard (it has got a built-in network function).

Any ideas which is the faulty component, and what I should do now to solve this mystery?

As a side note, I have had this problem on an earlier computer, and all I did then was replace the harddrive, and the CRC errors stopped.
The HDD I'm using now is the same one that I replaced the old with, so I've taken it from my previous computer and installed it in my current one. It is only about a half year old, but maybe there is a possibility that I have damaged it when moving it to the new system?

I have a PCI network card that I could insert in one of the slots on the motherboard, if it doesn't work when I do that, it would be safe to presume that the motherboard isn't the faulty component, yes?

Anyway, any help is appreciated!

(For some reason, my previous post got deleted?)
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  1. Checksum errors can be caused by several reason.

    If the errors are only related with downloads, only a few items come into play. Particular the modem, nic, ram. Check to make sure you have the current drivers. Since the connection works with other computer you can eliminate the modem. You already tested the ram. So the NIC is left. If you got a spare, wouldn't hurt to test.

    If you were have a HD problem, it should showup with other activities. Most of the new drive have the SMART technology. Use the mfg utility disk to check the drive.

    You said you moved the drive from another computer. It's posiable you may have damged the ribbon connector, if it didn't have the pull loops. Some of the cheap cables don't have the strain reliefs. But should show up all the time.
  2. Thanks for the answer.

    I decided to take a risk, so I went out and bought a new HDD, and everything seems to be fine at the moment.
    One thing I remember is that everything worked fine on this computer with the old HDD, until I updated my nforce drivers. Could it be that they do not work correctly with my current motherboard?
  3. Could BE,

    Video drivers have been know to cause system havoc. Generaly they cause crashing.
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