Which PCIE Budget Card Faster

Q: Which of these buget PCIE cards is faster in order ensuring where possible the 128bit version is used.

:roll: Radeon x550 256mb, GF6200 256mb and 7300LE 256MB ?

Q: What is the next faster card for a few dollars more? (PCIE)

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  1. All three are really bad for gaming.

    For about $85, you can get an X800 GTO from Newegg.com that will absolutely humiliate those cards...
  2. 8O $854 for an X800GTO? Man those are getting pretty expensive. :D Sorry, I couldn't resist. I know that was a typo. To the OP: I agree with Cleeve, all of those cards are terrible for gaming. For a few bucks more the X800GTO will destroy those cards.

  3. Cleeve, are you being sarcastic?
  4. Out of that bunch, its the X550. But for a little more like cleeve and others have said, the x800GTO will shun that X550.
  5. Quote:
    Cleeve, are you being sarcastic?

    Nah, typo. Fixed! :P
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