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please help me ! I´m going creasy ! I cannot turn off the magnifier apearing before each login in Windows 7.
I have a system with 3 users.
I try it the howl day.
And please don t tell my about the Ease of Access Center.
press alt+contr+del than something like the login windows apear and left below the Ease of Access Buton cannot accept that I want to turn off all options.

please help

thank you
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  1. What do you mean that the Ease of Access Button "cannot accept" what you want? Please be more specific!
  2. Hello,

    at furst, it s about win 7 professional.

    Befor I login to my account, the magnifier is turnd on. There is left down a button with the Ease of Access Funktion.
    Eatch time I select it, I see six options and one check by the magnifier. I remove this check and select
    the button accept but the magnifier don ´t disappier. I see only that ok or accept bekome unable to be valided.
    Each time I put a check somewhere else the fuction appier directly after selecting accept and disappier by removing the check and selecting accept. But the magnifier does not disappier.
    Each time there is one check somewhere, I can close the window with the six options by selecting ok. But if I have choose no check the button ok bekome unable to be valided.
    Each time I reboot, what ever I do, where ever there are checks or not -excuse me- the bloody f****** magnifier is still there.

    If I login, whitch account ever, and look about the ease of access in the settins of the system, there is no check. Neither by scroling down the magnifier option nor by starting the magnifier, looking there for settings and have a look in "starting the magnifier by login".

    please Help me. It' s hurting so mutch. That' s psycological terror.
    If I were a buddist I had to think that I did thomthing very bad and that I will reincarnet as a magnifier.
    Only the word ... MAGNIFIER ...
    Do I fell better if I wright the word 100000 times down ? Maybe the m... in my head will weighing a little bit less.

    thank you
  3. Hello

    Am I the only one with this problem ? Is there no one who can help me ?


  4. did you do a system restore
  5. Hello,

    a frend of mine get the solution. But I stil have to say that it wasn t apparent.
    And OK the solution wase by the ease of acces settings :

    Either the windows key + U or start > systems settings > ease of access center.

    There there is left the option configuration of administrator. And that was my problem. I hadn t understand what that was for. But the solution was to selekt this option.
    Than to chek apply setting to the login dilog (or apply settings to the login window). and walid OK.
    And after that we came back to the ease of access settings but thit time we find the chek by the magnifier whitch had to by removed.

    Ich thank you for your support and I hope that I could help someone with this post.

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