Computer problem I wish I could fix somehow

Hey all,

Im new here, figure id ask around here and see if anyone has a clue what is going on. I have googled searched everything and cannot find the fix for this problem.

My original PC specs:
850w PSU
Evga 680i MOBO
4gigs Corsair DDR2 XMS series
Intel Duo 2.6ghz-water cooled
1 TB HDD Raid 0
x2 8800GTX's factory OC'ed in SLi setup
Liteon Disc burner
Floppy Drive
Windows XP 32 bit

Just recently, Installed Windows Vista 64bit and played around with it and I finally recieved my new CPU on Friday, I ordered a Q9650 3.0ghz.

I ran Vista64bit with the original setup above, seemed too be okay not many problems. I put in my new CPU Friday night and everything loaded fine with the new CPU installed.

Now for some reason I get blue screens after so many minutes being on the computer, first time this happend I was watching a video online. It said something about IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Then I recieved one for Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area.

So I did a whole reboot, format ect.. thought it might help. Everything seemed too work better then I recieved another blue screen.. this time it said MEMORY_MANAGEMENT.

I dont know what the deal is? everything ive read, people are saying these blue screens have too do with faulty software/hardware ? the RAM possibly.

I reformat the computer again, trying to get rid of these stupid screens, now when installing the windows, towards the very end of installation I recieve a blue screen and reboots the system, right when windows finishes installation and loading up to desktop.

Only things I have ideas on, either the RAM is bad maybe, but its not that old of RAM couple years old.

The new CPU I bought is a faulty CPU maybe ?

Back too the RAM its DDR2, I found an article in my searches that DDR2 cant keep up with a Quad core processor ? and saying DDR3 is better for these processors?

Im out of ideas, but I really want to get this thing running.

Thank you guys in advance and take care.

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  1. Water cooled stock speed CPU?
    Pre built perchance? you paid too much for it anyway im guessing.

    From what i know the 680i's are not meant to run Q9xxx at all so you are doing well to get it to boot. I believe that some boards are more stable but by and large its just not worth the risk / hassle to try.

    Sooooo its either return the CPU and OC the original or look at purchasing a new mobo. You could try a BIOS update from the mobo manufacturer as well but that can be messy too.
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