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I will get 100mbit network to my apartment and wounder how I should configure it for best performance/throughput.
My situation today is that I have a netgear 614 router and 2 computers one that has bit torrent and ftp and is running 24/7, and one computer that I use for online gamin and surfing this is up most of the day.

I am thinking of setting up a IPCOP router and a switch.
What I would like to know is, what NIC's should i choose?
What switch should I choose? I I am thinking of some Gb switch and Gb nic's. And of course this should be cheap. :-)
What throughput would I get? where is the bottleneck? If i'm transfer via ftp between the computers what throughput would I get?

I was thinking of investing in a netgear rangemax 240. But it's expensive.

Please give some advise. Please have any opinion on my IPCOP thought.
How would you do?
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  1. first off, why do you want to run IPCOP? second, I run onboard gigabit on 2 of my machines with a netgear GS724T 24 port gigabit router and a D-link DGL-4300 router. It has 4 gigabit ports on the router with wireless. Between my main and my server I got a maximum of 118 Mbps upload and 58 Mbps download (tested using netmeter) gigabit is maxed out at 128 Mbps anyway. I too am a gamer and host many LAN's at my house. The gigabit hardware was definetly worth the money seeing as though there are constant file transfers during games and what not. With my old hardware (10/100) pings could go upward of 50 with file transfers.
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