Socket A water cooling on a Socket AM2 or 754? Will it work?

I'm wanting to upgrade my system, but I'm on a rather tight budget. I plan on upgrading to a Sempron or Athlon 64 mainboard.

I already have a liquid cooling system that I would like to use if at all possible - the investment already having been made. The pump is only 200gph. However, I have a large, low pressure- drop transmission oil cooler coupled with two extremely high volume 12cm fans.

The only water block I have is a Z4 from CPUfx - made for the Socket A. Some were very critical of the Z4 because it only has 1/4" ID fittings and something about the water track not being ideal. Other blocks are available in 3/8" and 1/2" and this greater flow is supposed to give much better performance. Unfortunately, my water pump and transmission oil cooler are both 1/4" as well, like the 1/4" tubing. So I doubt upgrading the water block would help much.

My questions:

1) Does it sound likely that my water cooling system might be capable of at least marginal overclocking of a Sempron or Athlon 64? Or would that be out of its league?

2) Would it be possible to Mod the Z4 to fit onto a Socket 754 or Socket AM2 mainboard? The base dimensions of the Z4 are: 2 1/8" x 1 15/16" (5.4 cm x 4.9 cm). I can't seem to find the heatsink size requirements and limitations on either the Socket 754 or Socket AM2.

The Z4 comes with bolts, springs, nuts and other fastening hardware and was designed to bolt through the motherboard. But I would be willing and capable of fabricating a simple brace or frame to fit around the block if that's all it takes. I've got wood, plastic, steel, sheet metal and scraps of aluminum plate as well as tools to machine this.
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  1. A64 and derivatives dont get very hot, any water should do the trick

    It can be done, I used my socket-A (dd maze3) on an Athlon64, and later a socket775 core2...

    Just get a piece of 1/4" lexan from the hardware store, they grabbed me a small piece from the scrap pile for cheap, 4" x 4" should do it. Two 3/4" holes for the pipes, and two(or four for am2) 1/4" holes for the screws.

    PS: on the other hand, if you can unload this kit for $40-50 on ebay, and buy a high-end heatpipe air cooler, you'd be even cooler.
  2. Hey, thanks!

    I thought it might work. But I would hate to invest in an Athlon 64 or Sempron solution only to find that something is obstructing the block. Of course, I'll have to take a good look at the photo of the mainboard itself before purchase.

    BTW: I am not interested in selling my cooling solution. I have several reasons:

    1) It's not really a kit. These are parts I purchased seperately, several years ago.

    2) I wouldn't get but a fraction of what I paid.

    3) I've never done water cooling before and I want to try it.

    4) I think I've figured out a way to (safely) boost water cooling dramatically and I want to try my idea. It's an experiment.
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