i need router help

When i play BF2 and there is somebody using the other computer i will lag extensively.I have a D-Link Wireless router but i'm not using the wireless part, its just wired. Is there a way to limit the others computers usage of the connection or somethin i can do so i can play bf2. I have SBC yahoo DSL by the way
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  1. who is using the wireless connection, you or the intruder? if you are using the wireless to play the game, i recommend you not to use wireless to play online game, because you will get lag. if the intruder is using your wireless connection, you can log-in to the router and disable the wireless function, so that the intruder can't use your connection :D :)
  2. Hi,

    Take a look at this thread I posted on:
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  3. i'm not using the wireless part, its just wired.
  4. Did you read the post about Netlimiter ? :wink:
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