Need Help..cant connet to internet from other access point

Hi all,

in my office there was 3 floor. each floor have an access point which is zyxel p-344 wireless router.the router at second floor are main router coz it connect directly with modem. the problem that i face now is i can access internet from second floor only but not the other access point. have anybody experience something like me. it seem connected but i cant connect to internet for somehow.

Please help me...!!!!!
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  1. Have you connected in te past?
    You need to setup a connection for each AP. They should all have a different SSID.
  2. yes. all ap has it own ip address and ssid. the setting is perfect. what puzzle me is the only wireless that they can connect is the main only
  3. Are you using any access control, MAC Filtering ?
    Can you see the other AP's from the router/switch?
  4. i can ping main router it if i connect to the a.p using cable.but if i connect wireless, i cant ping or connect to internet. i have disabled mac filtering and firewall.
  5. You are using AP and not wireless routers on the other floors?

    When you are on the floors you can't connect, DO you see the AP?
    Using Zero Config.
    Delete the SSID network that is not working.
    Select View Wireless Networks?
    Does it show UP?
    Select, enter WPA-TKIP key
    Check the advanced option, make sure it is set fot AP or Infrastructure.

    Some AP (my usr) has the capabilities of mac filtering and Access control. May want to check yours.
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