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Ok Im trying to overclock my 6300 c2d but its making me want 2 pull my hair out instead. The motherbpard im using is an Asus P5LD2-VM the ram is Patriot ddr2 667 2 gig. I am new at this so i need alot of help. I have the ram timings set to 5 5 5 15, the cpu frequency is set to 290, PCI freq is at 100, PCI Clock Synchronization is set to PCI Express, Memory Voltage is at 1.812V, MCH Chipset Voltage is set to Auto and cpu VCore Voltage is at 1.4250. My problem is that when I try to save these settings my computer will stay on but will not load up the bios or windows and I get the amber light on monitor

Please help me
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  1. I forgot 2 mention in my op that i flashed the bios early this morning and still nothing past 289 cpu frequency
  2. Is your memory supposed to be only 1.8v? See if you can find on the manufacturer's site and see what the specs are for voltage @ which timings.
  3. U get the amber light cause u'r boot is failing ... these is due OC failure. I don't think Vdimm is an issue cause u'r Patriots are suposed to work at 1.8V @ 667 and u'r 290FSB should only get them to a mere 580. Anyway make sure in bios that u're at 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio and also try this settings : 1.4Vcore (should be enough) , 1.3V FSB/MCH (if its possible) , 1.35V NB (if its possible) , 1.6V SB (if its possible) , Auto V ICH. Also set PCI freq @ 110 and PCI clock @ 33.3. If it still fails read carefully wusy sticky topic on how to OC core 2 duo and continue ur tunning.
  4. How excatly do I get a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio everything else im pretty clear on.
  5. Well , i dont know exactly how u'r bios looks like ... but ussualy at this boards if u set ur FSB at default (266) ur RAM will allingne at the 1:1 ratio . Then u just keep increasing ur FSB and RAM will follow ... ex: 266FSB => 533RAM , 333FSB => 667RAM ... and so on

    I will sugest to try directly 333FSB ... with ur current Vcore and Vdimm settings ... should work
  6. Could it be the board or the cpu that just isnt that great at ocing
  7. when i set the fsb to 333 it takes my ram to 666MHz not 667MHz so coul that be a problem
  8. well ... i dont know much about the board ... but i dont believe ur proc is such a poor OCer. Try find some reviews about ur board ... check what max FSB was abble to reach. I'm still having this hunch that u're not setting something right in u'r bios

    LE: No , 666mhz should post for a 333FSB. Ur on the right path here
  9. do you know if patriot ram is good for ocing maybe that might have something 2 do with it
  10. I have Patriot 2gb, 5300 667 stock ram, prolly same as yours. and it can go to 1067Mhz and is one of the best rams for oc. So it's not ram.. "coughs"
  11. ok for some reason the board is only reading the ram as 4300 and not 5300 could that have something to do with it
  12. No , the board just reads ur default FSB:RAM ratio . Check in windows with Cpu-Z , Everest or any other software u like .. and u'll see that ur ram freq is the one that u told him to be :)
  13. I think i got it. I had 2 set the mch Chipset Voltage 2 [Auto] and bumo the cpu vcore voltage back to [1.3500V]

    thanks for your help
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