X1950 XTX in nForce 680i Motherboard?

Will a single ATI X1950 XTX work in the new nForce 680i motherboards? I'm considering the following as an upgrade to my current system:

--Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 CPU
--EVGA nForce 680i motherboard
--2 GB DDR2-800 EPP memory (probably Corsair XMS Extreme)

I thought of going with two GeForce 7950 GTs in SLI, but a single X1950 XTX can equal or beat them at 1600x1200 resolutions in many games. The X1950 XTX is selling for roughly $400 with rebates now, so it would be over $100 cheaper. Then I can upgrade to a GeForce 8800 series card down the road after I upgrade to Vista.

Thanks for the info.
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  1. There really isn't any reason why it SHOULDN'T work in that motherboard; it may be an nForce chipset, but there's no chipset/graphics card incompatibilies; it'd actually be kinda stupid for one chipset to refuse the other company's graphics cards. (which is why, for instance, even though ATi/AMD's chipsets will no longer appear on Intel boards, they will still support nVidia graphics)

    Although I'm using a vastly older chipset, (nForce 3 150, lol) I have zero problems using a Radeon X800XT with it. And I dare say that the nForce chipsets are pretty much universally the best out there.
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