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Well i currently have running on my pc... for the DVR purposes.. i want to get it off my main machine and run in on a separate one.. and incorporate it into my TV and surround sound setup... now i don't have a HI-DEF TV but it does have a digital tuner.. so i can see the AIR broadcasted HI DEF and it looks great... Anyways I’m just looking for a little advice

I am going to build a Media Center Computer... CHEAP.. prob go amd processor 1 gig of memory big HD.. now i have a tv tuner card now.. Current Tuner Card Click here.... but I need some advice on a good card or if this will work for now...would like a dual tuner..i will be using this on a 32in JVC tv.....anyways.... im looking for the best way to set this all up.. to have my tv tuner card then out to my TV.. i also have surround sound... what kind of card would work best for 5.1. i will add a dvd player/burner in it for movies and such....i have a Geforce 6600 GT OC pci express just laying around.. would that work nice to out put to my tv?... any help would be great..or if you need more info..i will probably use a desktop style case so that i will fit into my entertainment center.

So in short i will be using it for a DVR and to surf if i want too... no gaming.. i have my current machine for that......

Thanks again

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  1. BUILD:

    DVD Burner


    Hard Drive




    I will be using a GeForce 6600GT OC for video and the onboard sound.. i will upgrade sound as needed.

    Will also use existing Tv Tuner Card

    Thoughts ideas?
  2. I used a Tforce 6100 for my HTPC - the onboard video was more than sufficient and not having a video card's fan spinning helped w/ noise. But I bought a sound card - the onboard sound on almost all motherboards now is way too muddy. And I used a Silverstone horizontal (instead of a tower) case, which was a little expensive, but nobody questions it sitting in the entertainment center 'cuz it looks like a piece of stereo equipment. Oh and you can't beat a Zalman Alcu-7000 with the fan turned all the way down for cooling a 939 quietly. My 3800 never gets above 37-38 C. Uhh, don't know if I really answered your questions.....
  3. What kind of surround sound system do you have set up?

    And what is your budget?
  4. Pioneer 5.1 1000Watts... older model..but i am looking to get a BOSE system next year... I would like to stay in the $500 range
  5. Wel if your looking at getting a bose the you must get a dedicated sound card. it will sound alot better plus it will reduce the CPU usage. I would recommend getting this

    It is expensive considering that your budget is +-500 but if you getting a bose you don't want to have crapy sound coming out of you media center.
    (there are alot on reviews on the X-FI cards)
  6. What bose system are you getting?
  7. Im not sure yet what type of bose system i will be getting...... how does the rest of my build look?
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