Building web server, need input/advice

I'm thinking of building a web server.

I need input/advice as to the hardware.

First, I don't think I'll need lots of CPU.

Second, I won't be needing much for graphics.

I'd rather spend my money on disk space and I/O performance.

I want to mirror/RAID 5 my data. (Gotta protect the data)

I want to use SATA disks.

I'd like to find a mobo that does true hardware based mirroring.


A controller that does hardware based mirroring. RAID 5 might be an option too....

It looks like some older boards enable software based mirroring. Latest versions of Linux don't like them. So I want to do hardware based mirroring /RAID 5 so the Operating System is only presented what it thinks is a JBOD.

I'm looking for:

MOBO, CPU, Case, and possibly RAID Controllers. The rest I can figure out from there....
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  1. motherboad-GigaByte GA-K8N51GMF-9 Motherboard w/onboard graphics $71.94

    Processor AMD Opteron 148 Processor $113.66

    or AMD Opteron 165 Dual Core Processor $171.05

    Cooler Master Centurion RC-541 Black Mini Tower$55.51

    For server i recommend Linux (SUSE 10.1)has web serving features. is More stable, and faster. and is free.
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