Over clocking on DS3 with E6700

I am wondering if someone could give me Ideas for the best way to OC this set-up to get best performance.

Gigabyte DS3
Corsair XMS2 800 6400C4
E6700 (ES)
Jungle512 Heat Sink :oops:
BFG 7600GT

Currently stable with these settings- Mem 5-5-5-15 2.2V
FSB @ 400 with 8X Cpu Mult (3.2 GHZ) and 2.5 mem Multiplier thingy :roll: (1000mhz Mem. clock) FSB=1600

NB +.1V
FSB +.1V
CPU 1.35V

System temp 40/44 and CPU temp 40/55 (idle/Max Load)

I am new to all of this, are there benifits to using 1:1 for Mem. Mult.? What will help most, FSB frequency or Memory frequency or a 100-200 more hz of cpu frequency
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  1. Quote:
    E6700 (ES)
    Jungle512 Heat Sink

    *dr00ls over the ES*
    Could you link that HSF for me?

    Considering your safe temps youve got plenty of headroom for voltages.
    1.4vCORE, give NB +0.2 and FSB just another notch.
    Keep 1:1 ratio at all times since the tradeoff isnt worth it for higher frecuncies.

    Post your scores.
  2. Right now I am getting 15588 in 3dmark '03, and calculating 1M Pi in 16 seconds.

    Here is the link to the Jungle512 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835106046
  3. Have you tried upping the voltages and getting higher speeds yet?
    Considering your HSF, use CoreTemp and TAT to monitor your temps, they should stay under 75c at all times.
  4. I think I am gonna wait until I can get a Sunon Waturbo liquid Heatsink and then I will mess with it. I got it up too 3.6 @1.45volts and it didn't get too hot, but I don't want to burn up the processor running it like that constantly. I have only gone +.1 for the FSB and MCH so far too. It will do a 1800+ fsb with only +.1 on FSB and Chipset. It astonishes me how stable the DS3 is, I just don't want to destroy it when I don't need the extra speed now. Maybe when Cysis comes out and I get a new HS for the CPU and Chipset I will start getting aggressive with the voltages. Seeing what the 6700 can do makes me proud to think it is a product of the fab I work in.
  5. This just keeps getting more and more interesting.
    Sunon Waturbo liquid Heatsink

    Not ringing any bells, link please.

    I got it up too 3.6 @1.45volts

    Where the 1.45v necessary to reach 3.6Ghz? x10?

    it is a product of the fab I work in.

    Do you know anything about the binning of Conroes??
  6. Here is the link to the Waturbo. http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/coolers/display/20060418123542.html

    Yes the 4.5 Volts was neccessary to get to 3.6, infact it may have been a little higher to keep it stable for testing with prime.

    I work in America, and I don't know specifically what you are talking about as far a binning. Are you talking about how Intel decides what speed to make a processor and such, or where the processors are made??? The short answer to that is that I don't, but know people who do. I am pretty sure they test them and then decide what to enable/disable on the processor. I know the process to make these processors matured really fast and that the ones that have been shipping the past 5 months would probably be better as a whole than the ones that shipped in the first 5 months of the ramp. I don't know if Intel would be Underclocking processors that could have been 6800s but I would tend to think that they would have too at some point because the process becomes so stable you have more good die. I know the batch that my chip is from were rejected 6800s, but I never looked to see if it was an edge die or any of that.

    I don't think the Engineering Samples are better than Retail and I tend to think the opposite is most likely true. I do know that Intel is leaning down and has gotten very serious about getting new technology out and that the way we are going about it is allowing us to do it faster then ever. I don't know if AMD has any tricks up its sleeves, but the way it looks now I would only buy Intel try to make sure the MB I get will allow for upgrading the processor later because at the rate that things are releasing there should alway be a good deals on faster processors.
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