Asus Crosshair ram recommendation.

Well, I was thinking about the Corsair Twin2x2048 C4 but I was wondering if there were any other cheaper alternatives. I heard that the Asus Crosshair have a lot ram compatibilty problems. I tried downloading the Qvl list from Asus but their site is being fixed at the moment and I'm ordering my stuff next week. So what I'm looking for is 2 gigs ram with low latencies that's compatible with the crosshair. Thanks for the help.
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  1. The recommended DIMM input voltage is 1.8V, the voltage is adjustable up to 3.45V but ASUS recommends no more than a 10% increase over the 1.8V base voltage which comes out to 1.98V or DIMM socket damage may occur.
    I feel you could feed it 2.0V w/o problems...
    For optimal performance and overclocking the speed of the RAM should match or be a multiple of the FSB..
    I've got 2gig's (4x512) of Geil 1.8V 4 sale if you need to save some money.
  2. My recommendation is not going for the Crosshair :D
  3. Quote:
    My recommendation is not going for the Crosshair

    I resemble that remark..
  4. Well, then what asus motherboard would you guys recommend? I picked the crosshair because it had 3 pci slots. I'm pretty new at this, so maybe you guys can help me out.
  5. For AM2? NONE.
    The M2N series are so plagged with bugs, compatibility issues, and lousy overclocks that they arent worth it. The Crosshair is very decent, but its incredibly overpriced.
  6. Hype, hype, hype...
  7. ok then

    Well, I decided to go with teh core 2 duos. Uhh what motherboard would you recommend for the e6400?
  8. Completely dependant on budget and purpose.
  9. Uhh, I don't really need a board that has three pci express slots. I probably need more pci slots then pci express. I'm thinking about adding a tv tuner, probably a sound card. And my budget for the motherboard, is probably 250.
  10. Overclocking? If so, on wich CPU and how much?
  11. Well, I dunno if I want to overclock. I have no experience in this, but I'm willing to learn. I don't really know the benefits of overclocking besides a higher processing speed. The cpu that I'm planning on is the e6400. I dunno which ram to chose since I dunno what motherboard to buy, but I'm hoping guys can help me out.
  12. Quote:
    I don't really know the benefits of overclocking besides a higher processing speed.

    Need anythign more? :lol:

    RAM and motherboard choices are generally independant. As long as you pick a good motherboard it wont have any trouble with any RAM you place on it.
    P5B Deluxe could be suitable for you.
  13. Ok thanks. What's the difference p5w and the p5b? And from what I can tell, Asus motherboards are very picky with ram. I have downloaded the qvl list, but I doubt that's all the ram that's compatible with the motherboard.
  14. QVL lists are incomplete and tricky to read. P965 is a mature enough plataform to allow any memory, X975 is just an oldie...
    P5B>P5W (except in Crossfire)
  15. Oic. Well, I wanted to buy nvidia graphic cards...
  16. Uhh, actually scratch that. I thought if a motherboard was made for crossfire, then it could only use Ati cards. I didn't know could use nvidia cards for ati's chipsets.
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