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Okay, I'm gonna set up a gigabit home network soon, and I want to have a wireless access point for convenience sake (visitors with laptops, maybe get a Squeezebox V3 :wink:). Here's my question: will attaching a wireless AP to the gigabit network slow it down or will the wired devices still run in gigabit? Here's the hardware I'm interested in (feel free to make hardware suggestions, too, although I would really like to keep it all in the same brand):

D-Link DGL-4100 Router (gigabit)
D-Link DGS-1008D Switch (gigabit)
Another D-Link DGS-1008D Switch
D-Link DWL-2100AP Wireless 108Mbps Access Point (802.11g)

The reason for the router and two switches is location. I've been known to host a few LAN parties (nothing huge, btw), so I'm wanting to be able to spread the LAN across my house with the two gigabit switches.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Most switches will Auto sense the interface speed on each port or you can manually set it. Mixing your wireless AP and Gigabit wired should not cause you any trouble.
  2. Here is a article in real world setup, a mix match system. It shows how different mfg play with each other. I went with USR 5450 AP, it a big winner. Never a problem and lots of power due to high gain antennas. Having the AP not in the router gives you alot of options.
  3. Thank you both. You've been very helpful.
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