Xeon 5160 Woodcrest processors - Need a MB Recomendation.

Posted earlier in another forum but didn't get any responses...

I have a pair of Xeon 5160 Woodcrest processors that I got at the right price! The 5160's are each dual core (core2), 3Ghz, 4Mb Cache, FSB 1333Mhz and Socket 771.

What I'm looking for is help with the selection of the right motherboard, going to use this as my primary PC - so will be doing all the normal stuff including video editing, photoshop, gaming, etc. Like I said, I got them at the right price (i.e. for free) and want to put them to good use.

Need a good stable MB, that will support SATA (preferable w/ RAID-1 support), USB, etc. on the Motherboard. Don't mind having to go PCI for sound, firewire, etc. For Video I'm looking at something like a Nvidia 7950GT so I'll need something that will support PCI Express x16.

Most MB's I've seen are server ones, haven't seen many advertised as workstations. I'l like to get at least 2 recommendations - 1) the best one reguardless of cost 2) one in the $350 +/- range?

Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. ... I would say your fairly limited to server motherboards since you're using socket 771... which also requires you to use FB DIMM memory...


    Shrug... only one I could find.
  2. His price range was 350 or so... I felt 500 was quite a bit jump from that...

  3. Good luck finding one. There is only one set of chipsets available for 771 boards and intel holds the monopoly there - and it shows!. If you are looking for one with a good selection of PCIe slots, well, good luck. :twisted:

    To my knowledge there are no boards with real PCIe 16. Some have a 16x slot but are only connected 8x. That´s not that bad since most have only 8x slots and onboard graphics.
  4. Eh, 8 links is more than enough, PCI-E is still not close to maxing out its bandwith potential yet...
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