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Hello, I was wondering if you'd be abe to help me. I've tried searching the internet and while I can find help in the general area im looking for, specifics are an issue. I have a rather limited knowledge of laptops/computers so bear with me.

Basically, my girlfriend's laptop (Dell Inspiron 1564) has gone completely wrong. I don't know what she did to it but it was getting blue screen errors, random restarts/crashes etc and when it did work, unless in safe mode it was painfully slow. I'm talking 10-15 minutes to load firefox and longer to open my documents. I tried my best to see what I could do so tried virus scanning etc but found no issues.

So then I started trying to go through the process of safe mode boot, clean booting etc to try and find the issue. In safe mode, there is no problem but when a clean boot is used instead, the problems persists again. This leads me to believe (and this is a complete guess, so could be completely wrong) that its either a) a problem embedded in the core windows drivers/services that run in clean booting but not safe mode, or b) some kind of hardware issue that means at low capacity ie safe made, it runs fine but when you try and put more work its way, it kind of gives up? Now as I say, my knowledge isn't great around the inner workings of computers so I'm not sure if these scenarios are even possible.

Anyway, I thought that there was basically no way I could sort it so backed all her work up she needs and went to do a Dell factory reset. I went through the process and all seemed fine upon its first reboot, and I saw the Setup is preparing your computer for first use screen, then a command prompt box comes up, goes through some information and disappears, then the screen changes to, setup will continue after restarting your computer. It then restarts and goes through the same process. Its been doing it for over an hour now so its basically stuck in a loop im guessing now.

One thing that might impact this, is that its stuck in safe mode. When I was trying to see what I could do to it to fix it initially, I couldnt be doing with the painfully slow normal boot so I went into msconfig and changed the boot option to safe mode and checked make changes permanent to mean that every time I loaded it, I didnt have to hammer F8. Is this whats causing a problem? Can windows install in safe mode, and if not, how do I get out of it, as nothing will now cause windows to boot normally, because as far as Windows is now concernced, safe mode is Normal?

I have written alot but its a pretty complicated situation so any help is massively appreciated.
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  1. If a problem occurs during setup, the Windows installation will try to resume from the last iteration before it was prematurely stopped. It could be that you are running into a hardware problem which makes the installation crash. Upon reboot it tries to continue from that point, running into the same problem and so on and so on.
  2. Is thee anyway to actually check whether it is running into a hardware problem?
  3. I'd run a memtest and do a check of your hard disk from another bootable media like a usb memory stick or cd/dvd or something. memtest86 can be made to boot from a usb memory stick. Maybe someone else can give a suggestion for a good hard disk checking program.
  4. Dells have weird problems. - Had a loop myself a while back,

    Try this...

    Take the battery out the back (while unplugged) and press the power button.

    Put the battery back and switch it on again.

    Good luck
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