who makes the best 7600gt?

BFG's 7600gt is looking pretty tasty at $114 after rebate. Specwise, it looks pretty good compared to others...I don't want to overclock a card on my own, so a factory overclocked card is appealing to me.

I have a budget of US$150 for a video card. Is there anything else that I should be looking at? There are a bunch of 7600GS cards with 512MB or ram. Is there any benefit to this?

Also I want try to keep noise levels relatively low, but I think that the passively cooled cards get way too hot under load. What do you think about getting a card for about $120 and spending $30 on a vga cooler like the Zalman vf700?
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  1. I have an Asus Passive cooled one and it is just fine... It's a plus that my new computer does not sound like a Jet .... The 512 ones I have sceen are clocked slower so I want with the 256...

  2. I'm using that Zalman cooler on my eVGA 7600GT. I run it on the 12v setting all the time, but it stays quiet.
  3. The 7600GS uses GDDR2 which severly cripples performance compared to GDDR3. Go with a faster memory bus over memory.
  4. This is the card you want, its a 7600GT(assuming yours is PCI-E) it comes with GDDR3 which is soo much better than GDDR2 and it costs only 112 heck its cheaper then the BFG one WITH NO REBATES.

    Heres another one thats even cheaper and GDDR3 goes for 109 after a 20 rebate if you want it that is...

    But if you do have AGP which i think you do i suggest the X1650PRO as it has GDDR3 at the x8 AGP bus and costs roughly the same 130$


    If you dont mind going for some Older but way faster and better tech for cheap here an X850XT for 140$ that card will destroy your 6600GT and even the newer cards on some occasions.

  5. i was thinking about buying the same card actually and have the same $150 budget as well. My friend told me that XFX has the best warranty and cards but the cheapest XFX i could find was $148 here

    Is the double lifetime warranty they have really worth the extra money or would it be better to spend the $150 on a x1650xt with a regular lifetime warranty.
  6. I suggest the X1650XT much better card and the warranties dont really mean much, because you usually buy a new GFX card before the warrany expires since the GFX card business updates so much.
  7. well i think the double lifetime warranty would make it easier to resell later. Also, which company has that card step up program? would it be a good idea to buy from them so you could just upgrade later?

    Are the x1650xts even out yet? i cant find them anywhere
  8. Watch out when looking for the "best 7600GT" as some of the fastest models are out of production and cost more than 7900GS's!
  9. i guess i missed that card. only around $170 and is much better than the 7600gt or x1650xt (I cant even find it either). It does use a bit more power so maybe it wouldn't be good for OP's low noise requirement.

    But the question still remains... Who makes the best one?
  10. 7900GS runs quieter than the overclocked 7600GT's. It probably shouldn't even require the 6-pin connector, but likely includes it because it uses the 7900GT circuit board.
  11. I'm actually going to be using this on a new build, so PCI-E. Another consideration is that I need it to drive two displays, one at 1680x1050 and the other at 1280x1024, both with dvi.

    I can wait until mid december to buy it; do you think the 7800 GS cards are going to be a good buy by then? I think one of them is going for about $150 after rebate already. That being said, the 7600 cards are also probably going to be cheaper...I don't really do that much gaming. Another thought is to just get something decent until midrange directx 10 cards are available. Choices choices.
  12. the 7800GS is AGP but any the 7800GTX are bad now all the newer 7900's kill em in every benchie.

    I would suggest buying a 7900GT as there going right now for only 200, i know its over your limit but spending 50$ more will get you one awesome card. They will also handle higer resoltuions much better. Here is one for 220 but with a 20$ mail in.

  13. Hey, now you got everybody distracted with an AGP card. The 7900GS is PCI-Express and a good deal now. The 7900GT is a full-version of the same card (without the crippling) and runs a bit warmer, in case you were looking for the lowest-noise solution.
  14. Yeah, I agree with ya. I recently bought a 7900GS for $150 no rebates. If you are talking BFG or EVGA 7600GT for under $120 AR, fine, but a high clocked XFX xxx model while nice, puts you in 7900GS range.
  15. 300+? for a GT? the one i listed is 220, 200$ with mail in, not to menton the 7900GT kicks the 7900GS, 7600 and all of ATI's lower end solutions for that much.
  16. Why does it say GTS then? Is there a difference?
  17. Except I meant price range. :) I'd take a 7900GS over a XXX 7600GT, and prices aren't that far apart. Actually personally, 7600GT for <$120, 7900GS < $160, X1950 pro < $200, X1950XT 256MB < $280, and the GF8800's are about all I'd currently consider at current prices. Rare deals of course could make many other cards worth buying.
  18. I will second the vote for the 7900gs.
    I just upgraded my 7600gt this weekend. I resisted the $150 PNY 7900gs Best Buy had on sale last week until I got the 10% coupon in the mail on Friday, wich made it $135. I gave in :lol:
    My only regret so far is that I didn't buy 2!
    Unbelivably they still had 5 on the shelf!
    3dmark05 went from 59xx to 78xx, both cards overclock well.
    The 7900gs did require the pcie power plug.
    Spend the few extra bucks for the 7900gs is my vote!
  19. Quote:
    Unbelivably they still had 5 on the shelf!

    Yeah, lucky you. I was at best buy this weekend to try and buy another 7900GS and use the 10%/12% coupon. My local store was sold out though. They were also sold out of the $59 SB X-fi Xtreme or I would have bought 2 of those. I was there twice looking and just couldn't find anything to use those two coupons on. :( (rare for me)
  20. I vote for either a 7600gt (x850xt used to be better, but the price hasn't fallen with the 7600gt) or if you want something better, the 1950pro.

    I agree that the cards worth buying at the moment in the low-mid range are the:

    7600gt > x1950pro > x1950xt

    That being said, I am not sure where the 7900gs fits into the mix. If it is not much more than the 7600gt (say $20), then it would be worth it. I believe that the 7900gs uses a 256bit bus, which is double the 7600gt, hence even with a lower clock rate, it will out perform the 7600gt.
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