i'm going to cry(help needed)

hi guys,
i need some serious help. i have a compaq d51s P4 2.4 http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2169037
now (and stop laughing) at the moment i have an AGP nvidia 6600 256mb that i really want to put it in (so i can play BF2 again) but the card needs power and although the compaq is layed out as a test bench (no case) its not possible, no more power connections(plus the card states it needs a 250 psu the compaq has 175) now i do have an antec 550 psu but i doesnt seem to want to help me (i asume incompatability but i dont know enough)ahhhhh i have NO money to correct my problems so any creative solutions would be welcome but if its plainly not possible please say so :)
i know i need a new pc but the money issue is bad (sold my 4000+ 7800gtx etc to get by recently) any help is welcome thanks again :)
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  1. ... most companies like Dell, HP/Compaq, will require their own PSU's due to motherboard issues, yadda yadda yadda. You might be able to stick it in there, but I'm fairly certain it won't work and might mess up your system...

    If you really need more extensions however, you could always buy a molex splitter, converts one to two, and those are fairly cheap. But the PSU issue would be a bigger road-block...

    Hmmm... money wise... are you a girl? I'm getting a very strong feminine feel in this post... girls can make money very easily... :wink:
  2. no i'm not a girl i just have know understanding of the power supply issue, but like i say any solution with money involed is no use, thanks for the reply anyhow :)
    (no job at the mo) plus how many girls you know with 800 hours on BF2 ? lol
  3. I know plenty with 800 hours on WoW...

    Either way, I'm fairly certain that even if the psu is a standard ATX, the compaq mobo probably won't like it very much... other people might have more experience with that system, but I've never replaced a proprietary PSU from a major manufacturer with an aftermarket one...
  4. just clutching at straws :) hehe
    thanks for the info though :)
  5. You can always use the 550w psu as secondary to just power the video card. You'll have to jumper it though to get it started without having it connected to the motherboard, just google "2 psus".
  6. I don't mean to be the jerk, but stop worrying about BF2 and GO GET A JOB, then you can correct your PC problem.

    Oh and OMG Compaq! Really, does it get any worse?
  7. SUPERSTAR thats the kind of thing i need, i tried to do that earlier but couldnt word it to put into google and research it(so no luck) THANK YOU i'll post again in a bit to relay results, again thanks dude :)
  8. byrddogg77 well thanks i must say i do enjoy sitting here using a piece of crap pc, so obviously i'm not looking for a job because i want to run out of food and die, thanks for your useful post :)
  9. ok sorry that was a bit harsh just been sitting waiting for replies to job apps and looking at the 6600 :( anyway your right but i can do much now except read a book or play a game and i've read too much recently :)
  10. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3163

    That will allow you to start up the second psu using a switch, you can also start the second one by jumping the green wire (and any ground wire, black) from the primary psu to the secondary psu, you can do this with alligator cables. You can also do it by using a switch which is activated by connecting it to a molex with a relay. See article below.

  11. my tech knowledge is lacking(can you tell lol) but i have the will and rubish system that i dont care too much about frying so dude thanks again. i'll do it slowly so my next post may take a while.
    ps: you must be the JESUS of pc's coz i was very sad not half an hour ago and now at least theres a plan :)
    i'm gonna reboot connect up the card and see how thing are.
    WAYLANDER thanks again i'll post again in a few with the results :)
  13. No problem and good luck.
  14. well the 2nd psu is attached and powering an INSTALLED 6600 so thanks SO much WAYLANDER you re the man. i'm gonna install BF2 (and maybe 2142 but i think thats pushing it hehe) thanks for all replys i may not have to sit in the corner and cry now :)
  15. Ugh, I shoulda thought of that, only thing is that the case probably doesn't support 2 cpu's, so you'd have to leave the side open or whatnot, but I guess if nothing else works... a long shot is always worth it...
  16. its all good i took it all apart so it running like a test bench (no case gonna bin that crap) hehe
  17. I feel sorry for you not having a job. I hope you get one real soon. best of luck m8!
  18. lol thanks dude, i'm looking, really really want new pc coz , and i'm gonna spend big bucks liquid cooled e6600 (amd maybe not sure yet) 8800gtx etc so i'm off now to hunt around :)

    ps as i said WAYLANDER all is good i've had about an hour on BF2 and 170 points so what can i say but thanks, system is stable and running BF2 thanks to you bubby :)
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