Core 2 Duo Extreme cooling fan suggestions

Just finished my build and the stock fan on the CPU sounds like a jet engine. What's a good silent (or nearly silent) CPU cooler. I have a Coolermaster Mystique, which isnt the largest of cases.

Thank you for any help
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  1. Have you tried experimenting with fan control options in your BIOS? What model MB do you have, and what speed are you running your CPU at? What kind of system and CPU temps are you getting at idle and under full load (100% CPU use in both cores, e.g. via 2 copies of PRIME95)?
  2. Scythe Ninja. You can pair it with very silent (even tough the stock one is silent already) fans and due to its fin density it will give you awesome performance.
  3. nah, get the scythe infinity! the ninja is a great cooler, but the infinity is even better. although i just read the part about your Coolermaster Mystique, hmm, the ninja might be your best bet, eh, just cut a hole in your case so the cooler will fit.
  4. The Infinity is better, but at higher CFM, meaning higher noise.
    We are trying to achieve silent computing here.
  5. I agree with Mondoman. Work with BIOS and the parts you already have. You may find there's a configuration that'll achieve an appropriate balance between cool and quiet.
  6. Thank you for all your responses. I'm running a core 2 duo extreme on an ASUS P5N32 SE Deluxe. I have 2 GB Ram, Corsair Dominator series.
    I have not overclocked the chip. I dont know if i plan to either- i never have much luck doing that.

    Happy Thanksgiving
  7. I am running my E6400 at 3.0GHz just using the stock cpu cooler and no exhaust fan!
    It is running a bit noisy though, I am wondering if a exhaust fan would bring down the noise from the stock cooler or just add to the total noise? Maybe I should just get a quieter cpu cooler?
  8. well i am running an e6400 at 3.0 ghz as well and i have 3 case fans and my cpu fan and my case is very quiet, when i am wearing my headphones and NOT listening to music or games or anything i can barely hear it, then when i turn some low music on I can not hear it
  9. Removing heat from the case by means of convection alone is marginally effective, depending upon case design. Forced air is almost always required in today's computers, so without an exaust fan, your CPU cooler fan must run higher RPM to adequately cool the CPU with recirculated warm air. Adding a 3 wire exaust fan and plugging it into the motherboard may allow you to contol both fans. Since the CPU will run cooler, you may be able to reduce the RPM on both, and thereby reduce the overall noise level.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!
  10. Well I just installed an exhaust fan (Scythe S-FLEX 120mm). Core temperatures dropped about 6C (42-43C at idle now). Now I'll try to look around to see where I change the CPU fan speed. Should be somewhere in BIOS right? I have the asus p5b deluxe.
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