High RAM usage

Hi there.

I just reformated my computer to windows 7.
And i'm kinda dissapointed on its performance compared to some reviews i've seen in the web.
It seems that my computer consumes alot of RAM if i'm not mistaken.

Here are my comp spec:

Here are my processes and memory usage:

i have 4gb ram installed, but i installed win7 x32bit.
So when i on photoshop or other program that uses alot memory, the ram usage goes to 1.6-1.8 GB.
And during that time i felt some lag.

Help needed.
ThankYou in advance.
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  1. You're upset that your OS and Programs use Memory?
  2. W7 32-bit can only access 4GB of ram, so when you take into account gpu memory and memory reservation for motherboard features etc, you may get less that 3.5GB.

    W7 will use as much memory as it can get and they dynamically release this as applications request memory.

    A gpu will also access main memory for use with textures etc, so your looking ok, but switch to x64 W7 for better memory usage/performance.
  3. Scotteq said:
    You're upset that your OS and Programs use Memory?

    I was wondering the same thing...

    To the OP, if Windows 7's memory usage concerns you, I have a spare copy of Windows 2000...
  4. If you feel lag when a program is only using half of your available memory, the memory isn't the problem.

    (More likely, the hard drive is the cause of the lag).

    In general, I agree with the other posters. There's nothing wrong with your system.
  5. I concur. You don't have an issue. My rig running with 8GB usually consumes 1.3GB of RAM at idle with a few select background processes as well.
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