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I recently bought 3 Hitachi 1tb hdd's (5400 Rpm, 8M cache) and added it to my Samsung, 7200 Rpm HDD 32M cache, So currently i put them on raid 0. My Samsung itself got me 5.9 win 7 rating currently all together 4 hDD's got me 6.5. I was wondering should i replace my Hitachi with 7200 rpm and 32m cache and will it increase the rate?
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  1. use sdd's to increase this :D
  2. SSD's are expensive like hell where i live if ssd costs 200 buks its 500 buks here x.x
  3. its the only way im afraid.
  4. You mixed a 7200rpm drive with 3 5400 rpm drives in RAID. No wonder the rating dropped. You need to use similar drives in raid, otherwise performance suffers. The raid will only be as fast as the slowest drive.
  5. Also raiding 4 drives on raid0 is a really really bad idea, one disk goes the whole raid goes, with all your data :S
  6. I have 2 backup drives External HDD :) So im gonna get the samsung 7200 Rpm ones.
  7. better off with raid10 ;) mirror with stripe
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