need some questions answered about my which card to get..

my new game rig is a
gigabyte DS-3 mobo
2gb of 667mhz ram

my options for the following gaming card

BFG 7600gt

all the prices are around the same from where i live overseas ....... i just need a card tht can do mmorpg smooth and without hiccups........

and what is the reputation with brand of cards ......
also i'm not planning to overclock my card i just want a card tht fits in the category of my cpu mobo and ram ..... and run on samescale.......

and will this psu run x1950pro properly????
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  1. Just as a second opinion...
    I agree with mpilchfamily and would choose the X1950pro out of those you listed. The PSU you listed will also be plenty of power for that system as a whole.
  2. hey i've got another question about my system

    i'm wondering if the C2D E6300 would BOTTLENECK the x1950pro if i get it ??
  3. Nope.
  4. You're spending a lot of money into that PSU. A FSP 450-PN would do fine with your configuration.
  5. Why bash FireFox? If nothing else, you can thank Mozilla for IE7.
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