Upgrade Plans (Barton to Core2)

Hey hey. Thought I would post this plan up to get some constructive evaluations. I'm trying to get myself into a Core2 Duo and not waste some of my recent purchases, most notably, my vid card (7800GS AGP) which I purchased roughly 6 months ago after my 9800 died. The rest of my current system:

Asus A7N8X-D
Athlon XP 2800 (overclocked to run like a 3200 Barton)
2 gig Corsair DDR 400
2 36 gig 10000 rpm WD Raptors (SATA)
2 optical drives (dvd burner and dvd player.. both IDE)
the already mentioned BFG 7800GS AGP
and my PSU ... Thermaltake TR2 500W http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817153028

all sitting in a Coolermaster Centurion case

I want to upgrade the CPU and mobo while reusing the rest of it. I've been reading about the ASRock mobo that seems to fit this bill perfectly. It will let me transfer my gpu and ram over to work with my new core2 Duo (E6600). That ASRock mobo on newegg is $57 but I'd be taking the combo deal for Win XP cause I need another copy of it. That combo adds $139.. and another $311 for the E6600.

the mobo

future upgrades from this build would be, in order: DDR2, PCI-X GPU, mature 775 mobo, quad core


Will my PSU serve this new build ?

Will I gain any performance while I have my CPU handcuffed using the DDR400.

Should I get one of the lesser core2 duo's and then spend the difference and a few more bukcs to upgrade the ram to ddr2 now instead of later?

Thanks in advance to any helpful advice !
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  1. I built a friend a system using that motherboard and a Pentium D 915 processor. I was generally impressed with the board. It's not designed with the overclocker in mind, but it does allow for some mild tweaking. A lack of CPU voltage adjustment ultimately holds it back.

    I suggest that you stick with the RAM that you've got for the time being, what with the price of memory these days. You've got lots and it's probably low latency which is never a bad thing. You wouldn't save enough by going with a lesser CPU to replace two gigs of RAM.

    Your power supply sounds OK too. I'm not into power supplies much - a name brand that supplies 400 watts or more has always been enough for me.

    I think that you'll be happy with the new parts. Go for it!
  2. yeah that mobo would be nice since it will let you use your current ram and upgrade to ddr2 after the holidays when it goes down
  3. thanks. any thoughts on performance increase from the core2 duo ?
  4. The PSU will be fine for your rig; it provides a lot more power than what your rig will use. You will have a small performance loss due to DDR 400 RAM; about 5% - 7%.

    You should notice a significant increase in performance. I upgraded from the Athlon XP-M 2600+ to the E6600. When doing video encoding (DivX) using a program that only takes advantage of a single core (not dual core), performance increased by at least 65%.

    Gaming wise, you will not see a 65% increase in performance since most games are limited by the GPU. But you should see something, maybe 10% - 20%. I don't know 'cause I upgraded from a Radeon 9800Pro to the X1900XT 512mb.
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