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Can you tell me how to set up a User name and password on a Windows 7 pc so that i can access it on a network. I have shared the whole drive and turned on full access to all users.
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  1. do you mean accsess data or control pc?

    (i assume this is what your looking for)
  2. It would be your computer name and password!
  3. If you shared the drive for "Everyone", you just need to put in \\PCNAME\SHARENAME to access it from the computers. If you want to setup user accounts for more secure access,
  4. Thanks hang the 9!
  5. I have resolved this issue by giving the Windows7 pc that I wanted access to a password. I did not not want to do this but it's the only way I can get it to work.
    I now have full access to it by selecting it in My Network, etc and then typing in the computer name and the password that I have now created.
    Thanks for trying to help.
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