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Hello, I want to keep all of my Outlook Express emails and address book which was on my old Dell (Windows XP). I am now using Windows 7 (64 bit) on a HP Pavilion. Can I transfer them to my new computer and if so, how? Cheers, RobN.
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  1. Open up Live Mail on Win 7, look what formats it can import. Open up Outlook Express, look to see what formats it can export. Match 2 of them and export/import the files. It's probably simpler to just say "do these steps" but this way you will see some new things about the files on your computer. Better to learn with some guidance than just have your nose pointed somewhere :-)
  2. There's an easier way to do this. Make sure you have hidden files shown by going to control panel>folder options>"view" tab and set the "show hidden files and folders" option.

    Now what you have to do is grab your address book and Outlook Express E-Mails which should be located at C:\Documents and settings\*YOURUSERNAME*\Applicationdata\Microsoft\Addressbook and grab the .WAB file contained within.

    For the E-Mails go to C:Documents and Settings\*YOURUSERNAME*\local settings\applicationdata\microsoft\identities\###(YOUR UNIQUE ID NUMBER)\Outlook Express. Grab the whole Outlook express folder and toss it on a flash drive.

    Move your flash drive to the new computer, and in windows live mail go to the messages tab if you're not on it already, go to the "file" icon in the top left, click it, go to import messages, import them in Outlook Express 6 format and direct it to the folder on the flash drive.

    Note that the imported mail will show up in a folder titled "Imported Mail" as opposed to your account folders, you will have to move them if you so wish.

    Now go to the bottom left and click on the "contacts" tab in window live mail. On the ribbon you should see near the right the option to import contacts. Simply choose import, then pick .WAB file type, and direct it to the file you wish to import.

    You should now have all your old mail and addresses on your new computer!
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