thinking of getting perpendicular seagate any horror stories


newegg shows some good reviews but so many review so quick like in 2 days.never messed with one.
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  1. My PC specs is in my sig. As you see i'm using this perpendicular.
    It has been 4 months with it.

    I have a little strange story about this HDD. As you know Seagate HDD has a little jumper to set the transfer speed. When you buy it, the default is set in 1.5G (SATA I) transfer speed. If your mobo support SATA II, you must remove the jumper to achieve maximum performance.

    So here's the story :

    I received this HDD. My local retailer gave me SATA cable for free.
    Stick it in the PC, Using Disk Manager to make partitions, then quick format them.
    Copying files from the old HDD (Maxtor 120GB) such MP3, Photos and some ISO and MDF (Games and DVD) files.
    Remove the Maxtor and re-installing Windows on Seagate. Windows run fine and i feel faster to load.
    Installing a virtual drive, mount the ISO file then BAM !!! CRC ERROR !!!
    Mount other ISO, BAM !!! CRC Error !!!
    Mount MDF, it take years to install.
    Mount ISO DVD, it have some hiccups or sometimes just stop.

    I posted a thread here, most replies said it's because of Quick Format or do some full scandisk or check memory.

    OK, i did the full scandisk, no error.
    I re-partitioned the HDD, full formatted and re-copying the files from the Maxtor and Memtest86+ for few hours with no error.

    Do again those ISOs and MDF installation, BAM !!! CRC ERROR !!!

    I tried to install those ISOs from the Maxtor, installation just run fine without any CRC error.

    In that time i just have a little give up, i just let it like that and sometimes googling to find some clues but i don't get much clues. I've tried everything.

    Then one night i'm getting enough and want to slam this HDD then i will RMA it. But before i slam it, my eyes stick on this little jumper. I was thinking, the hell the slamming thing on the moment, i'll just remove the jumper and if the HDD is burn then let it burn.
    But it was not burn, i feel it works more faster. Then i install the ISOs, WTF !!! everything run fine, no CRC error.
    I was thinking maybe it's just for a moment...then i let it for one night for scheduling defrag. In the next morning i see that the PC still run fine.

    I say to myself, i think i solved the problem. It look like yes i solved it, because it still run fine till now.

    Sorry for long post, but that's my experience.


    Pros : More cheaper than WDC for the same size (in that moment, that's why i choose this HDD). Support NCQ (which i don't need cuz my mobo doesn't support it). More quiet and colder than my old maxtor.

    Cons : Hell of journey just because of one small fu*#king jumper. It leave behind totally the molex power supply connection replaced by SATA power supply connection which is slim but longer than molex. Not like my old Maxtor which still provide the molex connection and SATA connection (so you get the choice).

    Thanks for reading. Any thinks, idea, or other things that your smart brain can produce, i would really appreciate it.

    Good Day.
  2. i havnt had any trouble with them and im running 4 in Raid 5, just to confirm i havnt removed the jumper that limits there transfer speed basically cause the onboard controller im using for raid 5 only supports SATA 1.5. no hooror stories they run quiet and are fast(about the same speed as the 74GB raptor)

    im using the 320GB versions btw.


    spelling :)
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