3Dmark06 and other benchmark progs.

I'm trying to tweak the hell out of my system but the only 2 benchmarks I run normally is Aquamark3 and 3Dmark06. Are there any out there that can actually make tweaking "suggestions"? Seems I hit the wall with this score, but I think I got it stable. Feels like I got a lot more room for improvement though. Here is my rig setup:

Core 2 Extreme (e6800)
eVGA 680i mobo
2gb Corsair TWIN2X2048-8500C5 (rated 1066mhz)
2x Geforce 7950's running Quad-SLI
Sound Blaster X-Fi Fata1ity
2x Western Digital 74gb 10,000 RPM raptors in RAID 0

I've heard people getting 20%+ CPU OC's on their Core2 system just on air. I have a water cooling setup and can't seem to push past that. Any help or suggestions would be great.
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  1. well, first of, what are your system's specs???
  2. Benchmark programs are used to "stress test" your computer to make sure it isn't clocked to high. They don't point out areas that need improvement. If you want that, you need other diagnostic tools. CPUz is one such tool that lets you see Base frequency, RAM settings, CPU voltage, etc. Throw in your favorite temp program, and your set to overclock.

    Aquamark and 3dMark are good for testing video, try two instances of SuperPi for testing the CPU. You could also try letting us know what your settings are so anyone who might know of any other tweaks can chime in.
  3. That real close to my score with at stock with E6600. At the 2.99Ghz it 10768.

    Need more info as the others have said.
  4. I added my rig specs to the first post.

    I'm reading that there is some voltage drop on the 680i board, and its really touchy.

    I had the multiplier raised to 12x, fsb to 1164 mhz, and ram at stock 1066 with 5,5,5,15 timings. (CPU @ 3.492 ghz) I had it on for about 9 hours, surfed the web, played some WoW, etc. And it seemed stable. Then when I went to shut it off I got a memory dump blue screen error and it wouldn't repost untill I set it back to default settings.

    I've had the FSB set to 1524 and "thought" I had it stable with the CPU at 3.7, but after about a 1/2 hour of gaming it crashed again.

    Temps are pretty stable. I got the Freezit Coolzone chiller and at idle stock speeds it sits around 27 degree C. MB and Video temps are all nominal. So its got to be some odd setting or RAM problem I'm running into.

    That real close to my score with at stock with E6600. At the 2.99Ghz it 10768.

    Sounds like a mark05 score and not an 06. From what I've seen you need a top end system to push past 9k on 06.
  5. you should always run dual instances of prime95 for at least twelve hrs after you oc, make sure you've disabled spread spectrum, C1E, EIST, AI Tuning, sh1t like that. Follow wusy's guide(sticky) for more info.
  6. here's a guide on how to setup dual instances of prime95 dual Prime95 for stability testing
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