Why aren't there any Sound Card Charts On Toms

I used to use Dedicated, ( PCI, External ) Sound Cards because the onboard alwasy sucks. But from about 3 years ago or so onboard sound has gotten a lot better, but still not anywhere near new PCI-E or other Off motherboard sound devices. Still it seems it's hard to find good sound cards, with good driver support, good price ranges, or even benchmarks or reviews. What has happened?
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  1. Added : I also used to see where having a dedicated card would improve performance and other benefits. I am interested in getting a good PCI-E Sound Blaster FX card, but they seem pricey for a card that's pretty old now. And what about Windows 7 support, when a lot of what I have read about these cards say some Vista users have problems with drivers. Any recommendations would be nice to thanks in advance.
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