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Hi all, I have a dlink di-604 router, one computer (sempron 3000) with 4x250 gig drives, and one computer (p2-400) with 3x40 gig drives. I use the slow computer as mainly a storage dump but copying between computers takes forever! Just to copy a dvd between computers when I am downloading as well can take over 45 minutes. My main computer has 2 network jacks. I have both plugged into the router right now but it doesnt do anything. Can I use the extra network plug to connect directly to the gigbit lan card I put in the old computer so transfers dont take so damn long?

Please get back to me!
Jeff :idea:
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  1. What is the speed of the P2 NIC card. If it's only 10mbps, the max through put is around 3 m/sec. You may also running into a horse power or lack of with the P2.
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