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I just reformatted my hard drive, installed Win2k and got everything up and running, but I'm having problems with the Nvidia NIC (I have the 3com disabled) The problem is I get disconnected from the internet every few minutes and a page won't load, or if I'm downloading something it just stops downloading and the time goes up, and also I get kicked off my AOL IM. Is there something I can do to fix this or am I eternally screwed?


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  1. can you try a continous ping to the router and see if that drops packets or something?

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  2. I did 500 pings to all IPs and there are no packet losses... IM still disconnects, pages won't load, and downloads freeze, but WinMX stays connected through it all.

    any more ideas?

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  3. I use the 3Com network card. Try switching to the other network port.
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