New, 1st time build- It's all gone so wrong, help please!

Put this together a few days ago:

Intel Core 2 DUO E6400 "LGA775 Allendale" 2.13GHz
Gigabyte GA_965P_S3 Mobo
GeIL 1GB (2x512MB) PC6400C4 800MHz Ultra Low Latency DDR2 Dual Channel Kit
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB SATA
BFG GeForce 7300 GT OC 256MB
(build for audio/music production, have Creamware Luna II sound card)

Win XP Pro

Everything was going fine, got the OS on, ran updates on XP, updated Geforce drivers.

Bought a wireless pci card- Belkin and installed, noticed that my system was a but jerky so rebooted. The sys was so slow so booted again and now all I get is the blue screen.

I've removed the wireless card, booted to safe mode and disabled it in device manager and i still can't boot to normal mode. Safe mode is a total mess aswell.

I wondered if it was a bios issue so i reset it, I was concerned about the bios as it runs the RAM at 533 when it should be at 800, also I ran CPU Z prog and it said my RAM was at 233mhz (??).

Any advice to get my sys running again?
I'm ready to just ry reinstalling XP

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More about time build wrong please
  1. OK, not overclockin just trying to get the thing running!

    Do you think this is a RAM issue though?

    Why the 1st XP sceen come up, it fades in really slowly then it takes about 3mins for the BSOD to come up.
  2. Got an Antec Sonata II case with built in smart power 450w, i think its safe.

    The mem shows up as a 1gb in bios, i'll push everything in place
  3. you probably need to run chkdsk from safe mode aswell.

    chkdsk /R

    It will run next time you reboot, expect a long wait.

    I presume your XP Pro is genuine!!!!!!
  4. Quote:

    I presume your XP Pro is genuine!!!!!!

    Of course.

    But perhaps you could inform me of the consequences if it was not?

    Also, just ran memory test and it was fine (no errors in 2 tests)
  5. Quote:
    But perhaps you could inform me of the consequences if it was not?

    A S.W.A.T. team will come smashing through your windows, confiscate your PC and cart you off to Guantanamo Bay.

    Just joking :) If you happen to have an "off-site backup" version of XP, nothing will happen besides automatic updates won't work. So I'm told. *ahem* And obviously a guilty conscience at having deprived Mr. Gates of more $$$.
  6. XP is sweet, all the updates went on along with WMP 11.


    Scan disk went fine but took ages however i had the case open and notices that the heatsink fan was stopping and starting all the time (i've got a temp warning in bios @ 60degrees so ok with that)

    I've check the connections but any ideas why this is happening, and could this stop it booting?
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