Woodcrest vs. Opteron VT benchmarks

Firstly, please dont turn this into an instant flame war :P

I agree and understand than C2D > A64 in the Desktop/gaming markets.

I realise this study is commissioned by AMD.

I simply thought it surprising and interesting, and wondered if others had any thoughts!

Server Virtulisation benchmarks by VeriTest

I know that the benchmarks seem overly focussed on IO performance, which isnt always directly related to the CPU, but I suppose this is what corporate customers do... feel free to correct me there.

I dont see any glaring errors that would invalidate the results, so it seems from this that there are business applications where Opteron outperforms Woodcrest by a significant margin.


(And before calling me an AMD fanboy, the only AMD cpu I currently own is an Athlon XP 1900+ that has a hole drilled through it and is used as a keychain, all my PCs are Intel based right now)

EDIT: wrong URL :P
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  1. um, a little off topic, but bear with me. how did you drill a hole through a proc without cracking it?

    200th post btw.
  2. The Athlon XPs use an organic substrate and no IHS, the hole is in the corner and not through the die. Drill slowly and its pretty easy. I also have a P3 Coppermine :)

    But anyway, anyone have any thoughts on the benchmarks?
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