Lost internet??????

Help....Ive lost internet conectivity on my wifes computer...no DSL conection....no internet Explorer......tryed to update the new Verizon disk and lost all conectivaty....I have two other computers in the house that work fine...on the same line (switched computers) So im thinkin ive either bolwn the MB ethernet port or ive blown out some settings that i dont know about....what and were should i look for settings for the internet...i have Windows XP PRO ....Wifes not happy :(
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  1. I am assuming that you are connecting through a router. Look to see if the lan port light is on for your computer.

    First bring up your ports, network connections. Right click the nic port select status, then support, Details. Check to see if the settings are correct. Compare to your working pc's, all should be the same execpt for the IP.

    You can try the repair connection. If the nic is comunication to the router it should repair. If Not, try swithing ports on the router.

    You can also check your hardware through Control panels, System, Hardware, Device manager, network adapters. Look for ! or anything expanded usually means a problem.
  2. The most deterministic approach to solving a network connectivity issue is to work up the OSI model. This is network engineer speak for working from bottom (most basic) up.

    In your case, Doglips, I agree with Blue's comment for the first step.
    1) Check for an ethernet link light on the back of the computer and the router/switch itself. No link = no fun. If you have a link, try moving the ethernet cable to a different port on the router or switch. I've seen many switches/routers have a port get "stuck" on it for no good reason. You may try plugging a PC that's working fine into the port you suspect may not be working.

    2) If you're fairly confident you have a good link, verify by checking that your PC is receiving an IP address from your DHCP server (usually your router or integrated DSL modem). You can check this by typing "ipconfig" after opeing a DOS window in XP. If the IP address starts with "192.168" would are most likely getting an IP and communicating with the router correctly. If the IP address starts with "169.254", windows has given up on your router and assigned an IP to itself. This is not good and possibly indicates a bad NIC or router.

    3) Finally, If you have a good link and a good IP address. Check to see if you can "ping" your router's IP address and the IP addresses of other computers in your home. You can "ping" from a windows command prompt by using the ping command as such: "ping <IP address>", for example: "ping"

    There's a lot more to try. But if you fail on any of these first three steps, there's no use going any further. Give this a shot, and let us know what you find.
  3. WELL.....Found that i have NO IP Adress...at all???????thinkin of tryin to system restore back to the day befor this all started???when i put my curser on the network icon on the task bar it shows im getin 100 mblips....
    but im not conected?????problly cause i have no IP Adress???how weird is that???Any come backs good buddys?!?!???
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