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are solid state drives a good choice for a boot drive? i obviously would have another hdd for storage but I'm looking for max performance.
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  1. Do you mean as in a flash drive? They boot faster than any disk based HDD can, but unlike a disk drive, do have a limited amount of reflashes. Knoppix does allow you to boot from a flash drive though so I guess it is alright.
  2. this is more what i had in mind... im not sure if it is considered a flash drive or not:
  3. They had that in an article on Tom's. If I remember correctly, its mainly for use by notebooks right? It'll work perfectly in a desktop most likely. Just the price though....
  4. $$$$
    The lifespans are excellent on those, or so I've heard.
  5. yeah i rember that article, i believe the only thing wrong with it as they said was that it was interface limited. but you would still see an improvement over regular hdd. they really need to hook those babies up to a sata2 interface.
  6. As early a two years ago, there was this SSD :roll: product from Gigabyte - the iRAM - which uses up to 4 sticks of DDR RAM (up to 8gb capacity), then inserted to a PCI slot, read as an HDD. Man...its fast (seek time were measured in nano seconds...not just milliseconds from a traditional HDD. I think from one review, it installs Windows in 3 minutes!

    Earlier to this, there was RocketDrive which implements the same principle above. Only, it was popular on servers and was priced more than $1,000 (iRAM was less $100)
  7. 20 years ago the Navy was using SSD's storge capacity was only in the kbytes then though, the technology is sound and rugged, the speed is fantastic and the price is outrageous...however, the price is getting to be within reach for enthusiasts with a decent income.

    SSD's will probably be the future of mass storage, From what I have read they may be affordable by '08. At least for boot drives.
    VISTA on a 30 to 60GB SSD, and everything else on a High Cap. Next Gen SATA drive.
  8. Wow. I'm running a regular HDD on IDE. That would be much faster than IDE. :P

    I want.
  9. I'll look forward for the coming of age of SDD. I read from other site's article on Samsung's announcement to launch desktop SDDs, initially at 64GBs, by next year.
  10. Not sure how good they are, but this is the first time i've seen them available at almost (but not quite) reasonable prices.

    There's a 16Gb one too.
  11. The new Samsung SSD's will be much lower cost due to Samsung's massive R&D investment in higher density memory design and manufacturing capacity. A 10GB SSD w/SATA2 will permit loading the entire OS plus a ton of applications, thus the CPU "wait for data lost cycles" is functionally eliminated. For those with massive vid storage or whatever requirements, simply use a SATA RAID storage array of WD Raptors. Imagine booting the pig Windows (whatever version, they are ALL pigs) in seconds rather than minutes :lol:

    Remember here, ATA100 is 100 Mbit/sec vs. SATA-2 at 3Gbit/sec, or 30x faster interface, which SSD can sustain. Personally, I'm looking forward to the release of the Samsung SSD's :)
  12. ATA 100 is 100 MB/s and SATA 2 is 3 Gbit/s .... so 3000/8 (8 bits in one byte) = 375 MB/s so SATA2 is 3.75 times faster than ATA 100.

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