Need some advise for my girlfriends computer.

This is what she currently has:

Intel P4 530 Prescott (3.0GHz)
Gigabyte 8IPE775-G Main board
2 * 1GB DDR400 PC3200 Kingston RAM
Gainward GeForce 6800GT (AGP) (256MB DDR3)

The rest is not important as it can all be transplanted....

But basically the gfx card died for the THIRD time today... and she does not really want another card exactly the same as it will be the fourth card and it just will not be trusted... so what we are thinking is whatever card they send us, we will flog it on ebay and then put the dosh towards a more modern system. The motherboard is a definate on the replacement list as it has a few niggles...

So basically what can i ideally replace and what with? The motherboard must have 2 IDE channels as her current setup has 2 IDE HD's and 2 optical drives. PCI-e is a must obviously.

So assume I have a suitable PSU and everything else not mentioned in the list above, what do you think i shoudl get for a max of £400? And £400 is the absolute max as money is tight right now!
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  1. el bumpio?
  2. i dont know of any sites in the uk so im just going to use newegg.

    so 400 pounds is about $750 USD right now (where did the dollars value go?). and you have to replace the mobo, ram, gpu, and cpu? easy. what kind of psu do you have btw? just want to make sure it'll support the system.

    Asus P5B-$134
    G. Skill 2x1GB set-$199

    total: $702 USD or about £370

    now an explanation of my choices:

    E6300: its a C2D and it's the cheapest one, a great cpu (and the one my new build is going to have).

    asus P5B: it combines my two favorite things, 1. asus. and 2. the 965 chipset. its a great board for the money.

    Ram: well, its ram, its cheap, its 2gb. i choose 533 because im assuming your girl friend isnt going to be oc-ing.

    graphics card: might acctually be overkill if she's been living with a 6800gt, although its a cheap & powerful card. (i dunno she might be a gamer, you didnt say.)
  3. thats why i asked what kind he had. you ever know though, he could have gone with a really powerful psu to begin with.
  4. the PSU is a "X-Connect™ 400W ATX PSU - Titanium w/ UV Blue" but I was thinking of giving her my current PSU (I still cant remember waht it is... it powers the rig in my sig anyway)

    I keep remembering what it is but then my memory goes blank... Its a tagan anyway... remind me to look at it when Im back at home.

    The system used to be mine before i upgraded and I just sold it to my gf for next to nothing (like £300 plus hard drives).

    She won't be overclocking as all she wants to do is play WoW, listen to music, do her lesson plans and insult me over msn (even though im 6 feet away :P)
  5. and thanks for the suggestions, but the mobo needs 2 IDE connectors... she cant afford to replace the HD's yet with sata
  6. in that case stretch the budget up to £475 but only to accomodate a PSU, powering mobo, cpu, gfx, 2 optical drives, 2 ide hard drives and anything else that is typical in a system that ive forgotten :)
  7. alright, the budget has gone from $750-ish to about $900! im still looking for another mobo with 2 IDE connections. how big are those drives btw? you might be able to get a sata to replace them, then just copy the data off the old drives. you would have to downgrade the gpaphics though, but the 1950pro was overkill if all she's doing is playing WoW.

    for the psu this should work nicely.

    Antec truepower 480w $80 or £42
  8. hmmm anything in modular?

    atm there is a 200GB and a 250GB drive. Gfx have to be decent enough as she uses 2 screens and she likes playing wow on all max settings. Right nwo she is stealing my computer as she cant play wow as the temp gfx card we have in is absolutely poo. I think its a geforce mx400 or something stupid like that.

    I may have a quick mooch around for a suitable mobo as my boss has nipped out...
  9. hmm, if you drop the graphics to a 1800gto you could get a 500GB sata drive. if you want a modular psu then this one will do, and its only a couple USD more expensive.

    Antec NeoHE 430W
  10. well finally found a mobo with 2 IDE's:

    Asus P5VD2-X gna hunt around a little more.... Really dont want the hassle of moving hard drives as the 250GB drive is only 6 months old
  11. also, is there anything anyone can suggest on the AMD route? Just because C2D is peeing all over AMD atm, doesnt mean we cant go down that route...

    There are only one real rule apart from the price: Her computer is not allowed to pee all over mine :p
  12. Quote:
    well finally found a mobo with 2 IDE's:

    Asus P5VD2-X gna hunt around a little more....

    sadly that mobo doesnt support C2D's, so the hunting around part might be beneficial to your cause.
  13. bah! then the site is lying to me (click on the technical specifications, and there is a tick in the C2D)...
  14. hmm, didnt see any mention of processor support in the tech specs so i went to a different site. when i went there agian though i clicked the special features "tab" i found it. i guess i stand (or sit) corrected then. you might want to do a little more looking though, ive never heard of that chipset before.
  15. well the search i ran was on all mobo's that support c2d....

    i may look into some s939 mobo's and get a decent AMD X2, or upgrade my current X2 and give her the 4200+...

    all depends on the amount of dosh involved...
  16. Right, I have scrimped around and finally dug up something of a semi decent suggestion...
    This is bearing in mind I am going to transplant the RAM from the old system to save some money. Reliability and longivity is prefered to performance and snazziness (although my gf is looking at having a seperate fund for a new case featuring dragon motifs....)

    So... what do you make of this little lot?
    All prices from inclusive of VAT. Once i have an idea of what i will definately go for, I will hunt around for better prices.

    Either: Asus A8V-E VIA K8T890 £43.11
    or: MSI K8N Neo 4-F £43.62

    Choice of AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (£103.98), 4200+ (£137.11) , 4600+ (£163.31)

    Either: 256MB XFX 7900GS Extreme £149.99
    or: 256MB BFG 7900GS OC £140.40

    Either a 530W tagan Easy con (£68.73) or the 480W model (£64.63). I am certain that my current PSU is one of these.

    Cheapest Option: £352.12
    Most Expensive Option: £416.65

    It is clear that the CPU is what will provide most of the difference. Can anyone suggest which of the options is best (aside from the CPU as that will just come down to how much dosh is available), or perhaps suggest alternatives? Such as boards that arent on scan... I wouldnt call myself an nvidia fan boy but I do tend to lean more towards them...

    edit: had to click submit as the boss's wife turned up. But as i was saying, I lean more towards nvidia, but I wouldnt turn down an ATI solution if the price/performance was right :)
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