fatest p2p file transfer under same ISP?

I'm looking to setup a system for transferring files between 2 computers located on the same ISP, so bandwidth and packet loss shouldn't be an issue. Running a tracer between the 2 IPs shows no stops along the way outside the ISPs network.

So, my question is, what would you suggest as an economical but effective method of transferring data between the 2 systems? Both systems are connecting through DI-520 Routers. The IPs for the routers are dynamic, but I'll be using a dns redirection service.

I'd like to avoid making any hefty hardware purchases if at all possible. If any required software can be attained free (I'm not using this commercially), that would also be a bonus.
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  1. I would use F T P. You can get a free FTP server/client here

    Easy to set up and will max out your bandwidth.
    Don't forget to set up port forwarding for ports 20&21 and disable anonymous access.

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