P5W DH- Front Panel Audio Dilemma

Hello everyone, this is my first build and so far everything has worked correctly :D . I have a P5W DH deluxe and an Ultra Aluminus case and have wired everything but the front panel audio because I cannot figure out what wire goes where. The front panel that came with the case has wires that are named and colored as follows:

GND - Black
EARR - Brown
EARR - Green
EARL - Black
EARL - Orange
Mic IN - Red
Mic Power - Yellow

I am guessing this is for legacy audio, not HD. My motherboard manual has the connector with the pins labelled:

NC (four of them)
Line out_L
Line out_R

So my question is, which wire goes onto which pin? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Unless someone has that exact setup they will not be able to help you. I had the same problem with my Kingwin case and Asus s754 mobo. The best thing you can do is contact Ultra. Since every case manufacturers front panel's are different they should know. And Don't let them tell you to go to Asus beause they won't know. Kingwin actually did not have my manual for my case so I could not set it up :(
  2. WiLL3, I am having a similar problem with the same case and a different ASUS board. What did you end up connecting everything to to get it to work? Thanks a lot.
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