Help anyone -Unknown BIOS Beep

Hey All.

I hav a system with an Abit IC7, P4 2.8, Radeon 9800 Pro and 1.5GB of Corsair Memory. All working fine for 3 years until this afternoon.

System crashed and now will not power up. On boot I get a long 5 second Beep, a pause and then another 5 second beep. This repeats continuously.

Done all the usual, removed and re-seated VGA Card, Mem etc but cant get passed it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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  1. remove your ram and try to boot if you get the same error thats your problem if it's, a different error the reinstall your ram and remove your vid card and try again most probably it will be one or the other
  2. Try clearing the CMOS with the jumper.

    If you are running 2 or more sticks of RAM, you can try one at the time.

    I would suggest inserting one stick, and if you still get a beep, remove it and switch to the other. (assuming you have more then one.)

    It is unlikely both sticks failed, so if you still have a problem after trying them one at a time, you may have eliminated one possibility.
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